Easy Workouts for Love Handles

Love HandlesThe waist and stomach area is probably the part of the body that people most often want to improve. This is where fat is stored naturally, and even a top athlete will have some deposits there. Many mistakenly work endlessly on crunches to get rid of love handles fast, to no avail.

The problem is that the body does not lose fat just from the part of the body that has been exercises. It will burn fat more evenly, across the whole body. Here we will be looking at workouts for love handles that should bring you success.

So, the first thing to tackle is the fatty deposits with cardio exercise. This can be any sport, dance or workout that really raises the pulse for at least twenty minutes, three times per week. Running burns fat quickly, but for something gentler consider swimming. Remember to consult your doctor, as they can advise you as to which workout will suit your needs best. Combine this with cutting out saturated fats (think fast food) and you will quickly see results.

Combine your cardio workout with some muscle toning workouts for love handles so that you can develop toned abs (remember, unless you can burn the fat off, your beautiful new abs will stay hidden!). Oblique crunches are similar to traditional stomach crunches, except they specifically target your waist.

Lie with your feet on the floor and knees pointing upwards. Keeping your back on the floor, swivel your hips so that your knees are pointing to one side and one leg rests on top of the other. With your hands behind your head, lift the head and shoulders to about a thirty degree angle and hold for a couple of seconds. Do this 15 times on each side.

For the side plank, lay on one side propped up by your elbow and forearm. Bend the lower leg for support. In one movement, lift your body so that your weight is only on your forearm and the foot of the extended leg. Hold the position for about five seconds so that you can feel the burn and repeat twenty times.

Each set of these strengthening workouts to get rid of love handles should be repeated two or three times, three times per week. It is easier to remember when to do them if you make them part of your cardio workout. It is amazing how quickly you will get into a routine (and dare we say enjoy it?).

So the best workouts for love handles are a combination of fat-dissolving cardio and exercises to tone the abs. The quick improvement you will see will be a great motivator to keep going. Do try to keep up your routine, as it does not take long for the abdominals to lose their tone. Good luck, and enjoy that new waistline!

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