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Weider X FactorProduct Description

The Weider organization is one of the oldest established businesses in the world of fitness and training equipment. The Weider X Factor is a piece of equipment that attaches to a door and provides access to more than fifty body sculpting exercises to give the user an entire body workout.

The Weider X Factor reviews suggest that the equipment is easy to use and set-up. It does require to be affixed to the opposite side of the door to that which opens so it means you will be exercising in a hallway or another room. The X Factor provides its resistance via a set of bands and the total resistance is 210 lbs, more than enough to give most people a challenging workout.

Included with the Weider X-Factor door gym is a set of three DVDs which contain three different types of workout. One is the main total body workout designed to build strength and sculpt muscles. The others are a weight loss program and an explosive type of training workout for better performance.

Technical Details

  • Total body training system that’s engineered to attach to any standard door
  • Unique design and progressive resistance exceeding 210 pounds promote explosive movements to build strength and add muscle mass
  • Includes two handles, two ankle straps, four connection clips, and resistance bands
  • Comes complete with exercise chart with over 50 body-sculpting exercises, three workout DVDs
  • Eight week nutrition guide to help achieve desired results
  • Includes limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

Weider X Factor review

There weren’t a large number of Weider X Factor reviews but they were mostly from people who were satisfied with this product. The quality of the fittings was said to be very good, tough and durable, and the item was easy to set-up for use. Most Weider X Factor reviews gave the product top marks for the variety of the exercises that could be done and for the challenge that the workouts offer, even to those who were already reasonably fit. Some users who were older were using the X Factor to keep themselves in trim and it was said to be ideal for this, giving as good a workout as could be had from a set of dumbbells.

Not all the people who left Weider X Factor reviews had an entirely happy experience with the product. The main problem seems to be from the type of doors that people have. The equipment needs a little bit of space between the top and bottom of the door so that the supports can fit. If doors are very tightly fitting then there could be a problem in attaching the X Factor. This is not a fault with the product; it just arises from the way that the item fits to the door.

Most users felt that the DVDs were very helpful and the workouts they contained were well thought out and would work for most people. Beginners could use the lightest resistance and gradually increase the resistance and intensity of their exercise as they developed more strength. Another plus point mentioned in the Weider X Factor reviews was the smoothness of the pulleys that the resistance cords run through.

Based on the Weider X Factor reviews we would give this product the thumbs up and recommend that you buy it if you are looking for an effective alternative to an expensive home gym. The Weider X-Factor door gym is made from quality materials and should last for some time. Its price is reasonable and it is capable of giving you a complete workout.

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