ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch Review


The ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch is the world’s first strapless design for a heart rate monitor.  Not having a strap across your chest means the ePulse2 can be used during almost any activity, whether that be a strenuous workout or simply around the house.  The ePulse2 will provide you with a continual reading of your heart rate.

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The ePulse2 uses the readings it obtains to provide daily stats; it will also then calculate your desired heart rate so you can aim to achieve this at all times.

The screen of the ePulse2 is clear and bright so it can be read easily under any conditions.

Product Features:

  • Armband heart rate monitor and calorimeter that requires no chest strap or special watch
  • Calculates calories burned, target exercise zones, and average, maximum, and minimum heart rates
  • Full-color, programmable OLED graphic display; rechargeable 3-volt button cell battery
  • Integrates light sensor and microchip technology to accurately read heart rate
  • 1 size fits all; starts working immediately with simple input of personal data

 ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch review – Summary

The ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch has gained many positive reviews from its users.  The big feature of the ePulse2 is that it is a strapless heart rate monitor; the majority of heart rate monitors require the user to wear a chest strap.   This feature is the biggest positive from users of the ePulse2.  Previous strapless heart rate monitors have not been able to produce completely accurate results; however, the majority of reviews agree that the ePulse2 is able to achieve this.  One reviewer commented that they checked the results of the ePulse2 against a strapped version and they were identical.

The ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch & Calorie Counter received many excellent comments regarding its design.  More specifically the screen was often remarked upon as being extremely clear and easy to read.  The setup of the ePulse2 was also commented upon as being particularly easy and intuitive, requiring only the entry of some basic personal data before it can be used effectively.

Overall the ePulse2 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a desirable product.  The extra comfort that is possible from a strapless heart rate monitor can make work outs much easier and more pleasurable.  More importantly the results provided by the ePulse2 are accurate and timely, and in turn the information provided to the user as a result of this data being compiled is very useful.

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