Eat Stop Eat: Review Summary and Guide


This is a weight loss plan that combines regular but short periods of fasting with weight lifting exercises. The idea is that building muscle (exercises) requires calories to be burnt, as muscle consumes calories. During fasting periods, metabolism will have been boosted by the exercises, but there will be very few calories consumed (drinks are allowed), resulting in fat burn.

The program’s creator, who is a nutritionist and athlete, claims that no muscle will be lost and on fast days there will be no fatigue or weakness felt. He claims that in fact you will always feel full of energy. Be sure to read our Eat Stop Eat review summary below to find out how real people have managed with this diet.

Many people have heard how not eating forces the body into starvation mode, where it retains fat for survival. However short-term fasting does not have this effect, rather it results in the burning of fat. This is because your body burns fat based on the last day or two’s consumption of calories. If you suddenly don’t eat for one day, your body will still burn plenty of calories because that is what you put into your body the previous day.

This diet does not tell you what to eat, so it’s ideal if you are vegetarian, lactose intolerant or just want to go out for a nice meal. What it does is tell you when to eat, and that, in conjunction with particular exercises, is the key to regulating fat-busting hormones.


Eat Stop Eat Review Summary

There are many Eat Stop Eat reviews, and we impressed by how favorable they were. The most reassuring highlight was that reviewers said they did not feel fatigued or hungry when they were fasting. Many felt their energy levels were constantly high due to the good food they were eating and their effective workouts.

The guide book was described as being clear and easy to follow. Lots of users thought they had been re-educated about the way their body worked and would not go back to diet fads or supplements as a weight loss aid. Thankfully, meals were not restrictive and did not cut out any food groups. Instead readers are told the types of food they need and when they need them. The actual ingredients that end up on your plate are your choice, so vegetarians or people with food allergies are not excluded.

Nearly every Eat Stop Eat review outlined a story of dramatic weight loss. People eat almost freely for most of the week and simply choose one or two days when they wish to fast. Many reviewers found they did not binge eat when they started a ‘normal’ day, as the fast period gives you a chance to think about what you really want and need to put in to your body.

Does Eat Stop Eat really work? We were slightly skeptical when we heard that this program involves fasting, but once we saw that it is very short term and diet is not otherwise restricted it did not seem such a hardship. Also, the science behind the reason for the fast makes sense. There is a money back guarantee with this eBook if you are not happy with the program, so there is really no risk involved in having a read through. Our Eat Stop Eat review research certainly found lots of satisfied clients, so there’s no reason why you can’t be one too.

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