All You Need To Know About How to Tone Abs

Tone AbsHaving a perfectly toned stomach is at the top of many people’s wish list – men and women. When summer is approaching we want to look good on the beach, at New Year hitting the gym is our resolution. It’s not just about looks. Strengthening your core muscles means you are less likely to suffer tears or strains during physical activities.

So how can you achieve stomach tone and maintain it? Read on for our top tips on how to tone abs.

Make A Commitment

Nobody achieved toned abs without some serious work. It takes a regular exercise routine that is continued even when you have the results you want. Muscle tone diminishes very quickly if the muscle is not used, so keep up the good work! Fortunately, you will start to notice a difference quickly, and this will be a good motivator.

After a few weeks you will find you have developed a habit of training and it will just be part of your every day life. This is how to tone abs fast. Make sure you let it slide occasionally if you have to though – a day or two off because of the odd illness or important occasion will not ruin all of your hard work.

Eat Sensibly

You knew this one was coming! The stored fat we carry around our stomachs comes from our food. You will need to cut back on fatty foods permanently. Think of it as a change to your lifestyle rather than a diet. Continue to eat from the different food groups, but don’t exceed 65 grams of fat per day for women, or eighty grams for men.

Work Those Abdominals

Crunches are the most effective way we know of how to tone abs. You need to lie down with your hands behind your neck, but don’t clasp your fingers together. Put your feet flat on your ground with your knees just above hip level. Next, you raise your head and shoulders until they are 30° off the ground. Repeat this until you feel the burn at least three times each week.  You also need to know how to tone lower abs. For this we’d recommend leg lifts, where you lie flat and raise your legs slowly to about 45°

Do Cardio workouts

Fast-paced exercise that raises your pulse is the best way to burn off fat. You need to keep moving for around thirty minutes, three times per week to see the effects.

Remember, this is just a guide. You should consult your doctor before training as they can give you detailed information about diet and exercise that is based on your sex, weight, health and fitness levels. So, good luck, and enjoy those abs!

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