Does Slendertone Work?

SlendertoneToning and firming of your midsection doesn’t have to consist of spending hour after hour in the gym pounding out crunch after crunch or sit-up after sit-up. There are easier ways to achieve a slim, fit-looking abdomen. One way that many men and women are employing right now to give them the waistline they’ve always wanted but without the hard work is by using the Slendertone Ab Belt.

So How Does Slendertone Work?

Basically, the Slendertone is an abdominal training belt that works by causing your abs muscles to contract and relax by sending a tiny electrical signal to them. The process that makes this work is known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). EMS has been used for many years in the physical therapy professions to treat stimulate muscles in people who were undergoing rehabilitation. This technology is now utilized in the slendertone ab belt. To use the Slendertone abs system the user simply straps the belt around the waist, attaches the special pads through which the electrical signals pass, and switches the belt on. The Slendertone does all the hard work as all you have to do is wear it regularly, preferably each day for a short time, and results should be seen within six weeks. In fact, the manufacturers say that 20 minutes a day using the Slendertone is equivalent to doing 120 regular crunches.

What’s Included In The Slendertone Abs System?

When you buy the Slendertone abs program you receive everything you need to get started toning your abdominals. Included in the package is the Slendertone belt and three gel pads. Also included is a set of batteries to get you under way.

Does Slendertone Work?

The Slendertone abs system has been around for some time now and has users scattered around the world. We have seen comments from many people who have used the system and in general these have been favorably inclined towards the product. Many users, both men and women, reported a reduction in their waist size and an improvement in the look and feel of their abs muscles. The average loss is reported as being around 1.4 inches from the middle.

One feature of the Slendertone abs system that is useful for those who haven’t done any type of exercise for a while, is that there are seven programs built-in to the belt and there are 99 resistance levels to choose from. This enables both the exercise rookie and the more advanced trainer to obtain benefits from using the belt and should give it more chance to work. Another factor which most people tend to overlook is that trying to tone the mid-section by conventional exercises such as sit-ups and crunches is difficult and it’s hard to stay motivated. When it’s possible to achieve similar results with a minimum of effort then you’re more likely to keep doing whatever it is that is giving you those results. This is yet another advantage that the Slendertone has over normal exercise.

Results will vary from person to person, of course, as they will for any kind of exercise or weight loss program, and, at the end of the day, only you can answer the question, “Does Slendertone Work?” as it applies to you. Judging by the great number of positive reports from satisfied users, however, we would say that it does seem to have worked for them so there’s every possibility that it will do the same for you. Why not give it a try?

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