Does Hip Hop Abs Work?

Hip Hop AbsHave you tried to develop your abs muscles with crunches and sit-ups and got nowhere fast because they didn’t work for you? Or perhaps you have a back problem or something else that prevents you from doing this type of exercise. If so, you might find that the Hip Hop Abs workout is the solution to your difficulties. You simply dance your way to that slim waistline without it seeming to be like exercise at all.

So how does Hip Hop Abs work? Basically the program is made up of a series of hip hop dance routines, all presented on four DVDs. The DVDs show you how to perform the movements and then you can join in with the presenter, Shaun T, and enjoy the dancing whilst working the abdominals at the same time. This program is not simply performing exercise movements to dance music: the movements are actual dance routines that incorporate ways of moving that give the whole core area a thorough workout. If you are a complete novice when it comes to exercise then you have the option of taking it easy until your fitness level has improved.

Of course, all the exercise in the world will be a waste of time unless your diet is in order. So that you can get the best out of the program the Hip Hop Abs people have developed an easy eating plan to help you lose weight and gain extra muscle definition. This plan can be continued even if you aren’t actively following the Hip Hop Abs workouts.

Although it might appear that dancing is not as difficult as regular exercise, this program has been put together by the person who created the Insanity Workout program, Shaun T, and he has made Hip Hop Abs a challenge for most people. As well as the “workout dances” he has put together two special dance routines which are a bonus to the Hip Hop Abs program. These dances are developed from well-known music video routines. The difference between this and other exercise routines is that it is probably a lot more fun!

If you were to ask, “Does Hip Hop Abs Work?”, we would have to say that, judging by the many hip hop abs reviews that we have seen, it certainly does seem to an effective program. A large number of people who left reviews on the product thought that the dance workouts were better than the usual abs exercises and were less likely to cause any sort of injury. The program has also helped many of its users to lose weight and achieve a more defined and stronger abs area. Many comments on the effectiveness of the program were left by folks who were already reasonably experienced exercisers, albeit using crunches and sit-ups.

If you have been trying to attain better looking abs muscles and have had no success with the regular gym exercises it might be worthwhile trying this novel approach to training. The program has been given good reviews from people who have used it and there is no reason why it shouldn’t work for you. We suggest that you buy hip hop abs direct from the publishers of the program, They have been in this business for several years and have built-up a loyal band of followers. This way you will know that your edition will be genuine and you will be covered by the company’s guarantee should you experience any problems.

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